Ousider House, Ghost Syndicate, Sample Pack, Samples, 24bit WAV
SpecificationAbleton Live Template • 24 bit 44.1 KHz • 172 mb • 2 Ableton Live Drum Racks • 2 Ableton Live Instruments • 35 Kicks • 35 Snares • 14 Claps • 44 Perc Hits • 4 Cymbals
GenreHouse • Deep House • Techno

In detail you can expect to find Ableton Live 9.7.1+ Project, 3 Ableton Live 9.7.1+ Track Structures, Lo-Fi Ableton Live Sampler Instrument Rack, Oldschool Ableton Live Tension Instrument Rack, Ousider House Drum Rack, 35 Kicks, 35 Snares, 14 Claps, 44 Percussion Hits, 23 Hats, 4 Cymbals.

Our team at Ghost Syndicate always aims to deliver the most unique sounds of the highest quality to give you the ammunition to stand out. We make no compromises when it comes to quality, taking our time to ensure everything you’ll be using is highly detailed and carefully treated to perfect clean results minimizing your work load as much as possible.