State 172, Drum & Bass, Ableton Live Template, Ghost Syndicate, Sample Pack, Samples, 24bit WAV
SpecificationAbleton Live Template • 24 bit 44.1 KHz • 533 mb • 7 Xfer Serum Presets • 6 Ableton Live Racks
GenreDrum & Bass

We named the pack STATE 172 because it’s our favourite BPM in Drum and Bass Music.

These are more than just some Ableton Live Projects, these are two finished tracks ready to be played at your next gig!

However, the best thing about this pack is that it shows you how to use samples in your everyday production. You can find Xfer Serum presets that were resampled to get those bass and fx sounds in KRITICAL FORMS Project. MINIMAL STATE shares another approach of utilizing samples from MINIMAL STATE Sample Pack, being heavily processed, chopped, resampled and put back to work again.

On the buss tracks you can find some simple but very useful Ableton Live FX racks. Once you reverse engineer them you’ll get a deeper understanding of mixing and mastering your tracks, and will learn different tricks from doing so.


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You can easliy use these tracks as references in working on your track structure, we have carefully included locators, so you can navigate through tracks’ parts and manipulate them further.

For anyone who is not on Ableton Live still, we have included samples from both projects so that you can use them in any DAW of your choice.

Our team at Ghost Syndicate always aims to deliver the most unique sounds of the highest quality to give you the ammunition to stand out. We make no compromises when it comes to quality, taking our time to ensure everything you’ll be using is highly detailed and carefully treated to perfect clean results minimizing your work load as much as possible.